Driver – “Driver” (1990)

Back in ’86, vocalist Rob Rock was part of the band MacAlpine Aldridge Rock Sarzo (M.A.R.S.).  They released just one album called Project: Driver (see my review here).  Four years later, Rock tried to parlay what little bit of notoriety he had from Project: Driver into his new band — which was conveniently called Driver.  This despite the fact that the other three guys from M.A.R.S. were not involved.  Driver even used the same “Driver” logo from the Project: Driver album cover (seen here).  Pretty shady stuff Mr. Rock.  Pretty shady indeed.  Especially for what was supposed to be a “Christian” album!

For the Driver EP (Worldwide Records), Rock was teamed up with a fine guitarist named Roy Z.  Roy later went on to make records with Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford, among others.  Roy Z’s guitar playing is the highlight of this rather average power metal EP (five songs).  Rock’s singing is pretty good, but he lacks charisma, as well as anything worthwhile to say.  This album isn’t the same tired cliché as the aforementioned Project: Driver.  It might even be slightly better overall (due to Roy Z’s performance).  But without any real standout tunes, Driver goes quietly into the night.  My score: C+  


One thought on “Driver – “Driver” (1990)

  1. a) this EP is not power metal , it’s melodic metal – and b) is closer to an A than a B rating. The song ‘Warrior’ is an absolute classic and, yes, Roy Z, smokes! There is a reason why these guys scored a record deal off these very songs some 15 years later and made ‘Sons of Thunder’ (re-recording the EP and adding a bunch of other tracks written around the same time), a rather well regarded release.

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