Reverend – “World Won’t Miss You” (1990)

ReverendI love the title to this album!  World Won’t Miss You (Caroline Records) was the first full-length LP by Reverend — a band fronted by ex-Metal Church vocalist David Wayne.  The LP came on the heels of Reverend’s 1989 self-titled debut EP.  That four song Reverend EP hit me like a sledgehammer to the nut sack.  It was a crushing debut and is one of my favorite EPs of all time!  With World Won’t Miss You, Reverend would attempt to maintain the same level of awesomeness over the course of a full-length LP.

World Won’t Miss You contains eleven songs.  Most of the album is ornery and schizophrenic thrash.  As before, “Reverend” Wayne screeches a sour, venomous gospel from high on his wretched pulpit.  Indeed, Reverend were a like a fiery tank rolling through a field of bodies, leaving nothing but scorched earth in their wake.  Only the acoustic Leader Of Fools provides a respite from the bruising assault.  Admittedly, there are a few songs that fail to catch my ear.  For example, the aforementioned Leader Of Fools never really gets off the ground, and Scattered Wits and Desperate are just a bit too frenzied for my liking.  Nevertheless, tunes like World Won’t Miss You and Rude Awakening are massive onslaughts of sonic fury — each fortified by the pulverizing riffs of Brian Korban and Stuart Fuji.  Reverend also cover Black Sabbath’s Hand Of Doom, which gives drummer Rick Basha the opportunity to blow his percussive load in tribute to Black Sabbath’s Bill Ward.

World Won’t Miss You was re-released on CD in 2014 by Divebomb Records.  It’s a nice package with informative liner notes and, most importantly, includes the four songs from the Reverend EP as bonus tracks!  An essential release indeed!  The Divebomb re-issue is dedicated to the late great David Wayne.  R.I.P David, the world WILL miss you.  My score: B+


One thought on “Reverend – “World Won’t Miss You” (1990)

  1. Excellent review. Just listening now for the first time. Took nearly 30 years but I managed to get the Divebomb reissue. As good as Metal Church in parts. Wasn’t David’s voice magnificent for this type of Metal? Good honest heavy metal done by a master.

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