The Rods – “Wild Dogs” (1982)

The RodsWhile the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal had helped introduce tons of fresh faces to the U.K. metal scene in the early eighties, the metal landscape in the U.S. was, by comparison, a barren wasteland.  Sure, bands like Van Halen, Y&T, and Riot were making heavy albums, but these bands had been around since the seventies.  New American bands weren’t making much of an impact in those lean early eighties years.

The Rods didn’t exactly fill that void.  Sure, they existed.  But The Rods’ sound was pretty pre-historic when compared to some of the more adventurous British metal bands on the other side of the pond.  Nevertheless, Arista Records signed this trio of greasy sweat hogs to a record deal.  With booze on their breath and coke in their noses, The Rods kept the volume high but the bar pretty low when it came to songwriting.  When they weren’t doling out tired clichés, they were creating new ones (it was only ’82 after all).  Wild Dogs hasn’t exactly withstood the test of time, but it has its moments — dumb as they may be.  My score: C+


3 thoughts on “The Rods – “Wild Dogs” (1982)

  1. This album is way better than you give it credit for – this is at least a B. The first 3 THE RODS album all kick ass and ‘Wild Dogs’ may be the best of the bunch. ‘Too Hot To Stop’, ‘The Night Lives To Rock’, ‘Burned By Love’, ‘Wild Dogs’, etc. – all prime time high NRG power trio goodness and ‘Violation’ is a great grinder. And the albums 2 most commercial cuts, ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ and ‘End of the Line” are very well written. There is not a bad song in the bunch although I could’ve done w/o the ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’ cover. An American metal classic!

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