Anthrax – “Persistence Of Time” (1990)

AnthraxOf all the Anthrax albums from the “classic” Belladonna years, I have always found Persistence Of Time to be the hardest one to get in to.  Had all the riffs there were to riff already been riffed?  That tongue-twisting question was a fair one to ask of Anthrax, who were now five albums into their career.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they answered with a definitive “no” on Persistence Of Time.  At first, I didn’t like this album at all.  I felt I had been here before, and Anthrax were not offering up anything new.  But I have warmed up to Persistence Of Time a little over the years.  (The persistence of time indeed!)  But still, I feel this album is a lot to digest.  At times, Persistence Of Time is almost suffocating.  It is by far the most serious and weighty album of the classic Anthrax era.  One of my prime issues with Persistence Of Time is song length.  For example, the first three songs on the album are all about seven minutes in duration.  Time, Blood, and Keep It In The Family are all quality cuts, but they wear themselves out with their excessive length.  By contrast, my favorite moment of the album is the sub-three minute Got The Time (a Joe Jackson cover).  This tune is concise, catchy, and actually breathes a little.  It injects a bit of levity into an otherwise overly-serious Anthrax album.  More cuts like Got The Time would have been a nice way to keep the walls from completely closing in on Persistence Of Time.  My score: B


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