Blind Illusion – “The Sane Asylum” (1988)

Blind IllusionEven though The Sane Asylum included performances by future Primus members Les Claypool (bass) and Larry LaLonde (guitar), the true driving force behind the band Blind Illusion was Marc Biedermann.  Marc wrote the songs, performed the vocals, and shared lead guitar duties with LaLonde.

The Sane Asylum was released in 1988 on Combat Records.  Often described as thrash, I find The Sane Asylum to be more of a progressive metal record with some thrash elements.  There are a lot of moving parts here, and Blind Illusion keeps things well-lubricated throughout.  The tunes are very unconventional.  The closest we get to a standard “song” (in terms of structure) would be Smash The Crystal.  The highlights of the album usually come by way of Biedermann and LaLonde’s stirring lead guitar work as well as the inclusion of some interesting melodic passages.  Despite the band’s obvious chops, The Sane Asylum is let down by the underdeveloped vocals.  As is often the case on certain thrash albums of the eighties, the vocals seem to be nothing more than an afterthought — which is unfortunate.  Biedermann had a limited range and his lyrics were ill-fitting.  The dark, quasi-Satanic lyrics seem almost immature in comparison to the cerebral compositions lying beneath.  My score: C+


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