Cold Sweat – “Break Out” (1990)

Cold SweatThe story of Cold Sweat is similar to a couple of other bands — Badlands and Lynch Mob.  In all cases, a veteran guitarist from a well-established act ventured out on his own, partnered with a relatively unknown singer, and made a strong hair metal album.  Jake E. Lee (ex-Ozzy Osbourne) formed Badlands, George Lynch (ex-Dokken) formed Lynch Mob, and Marc Ferrari (ex-Keel) formed Cold Sweat.  Of the three, the band you probably haven’t heard of is Cold Sweat.  That might be because Cold Sweat’s one and only album Break Out was released by MCA Records — the label where hard rock bands went to die.  MCA signed some really talented bands during the hair band heyday, but unfortunately their promotional department couldn’t sell them to the buying public.

Marc Ferrari found himself a great singer by the name of Rory Cathey to make this very solid and very professional bluesy hair metal record.  The band sounds great.  Certainly, there’s no denying the talent present here.  The one partial complaint I have is that Break Out is very much a by-the-numbers album for its time.  That’s not a complete knock because I think that the so-called “hair” genre was a good formula.  I’ll take a by-the-numbers album any day because I’m a junkie for the stuff.  But what Break Out is missing are those two or three standout songs that transcend above and beyond the realm of the “very good”.  Both Badlands and Lynch Mob had some really killer songs on their respective debuts — the kind of songs that keep me coming back to those albums time and again.  Break Out falls a little short in that regard.  My score: B


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