Amulance – “Feel The Pain” (1989)

AmulancePower, speed, and thrash metal collide on Amulance’s Feel The Pain.  This 1989 release comes to our ears courtesy of a five-piece act out of Illinois.  Amulance were signed with New Renaissance Records, which was basically the poor man’s Metal Blade in the eighties.  Evidently the deal was a bad one and Amulance became another victim of bad business in the shady music industry.  It seems New Renaissance had quite a track record for screwing bands over.  As such, Feel The Pain was the only Amulance album (until a partial reformation decades later).  Despite the fairly ragged production, the band does their best to shine through on this nine-song slab.  Shades of Metal Church and even Iron Maiden wiz by on this spirited sonic brew — as do scrappy speed merchants like Purgatory and Bloodlust.  Amulance were a likeable band, and one with a heavy metal purpose as pure as the driven snow.  Feel The Pain may not exactly be a lost classic but it’s still one of the better New Renaissance releases.  My score: B-


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