Little Caesar – “Little Caesar” (1990)

Little CaesarTheir look was hardcore, but their sound was normcore.  Little Caesar played a pretty straightforward brand of hair metal on this hit-and-miss 1990 release (DGC Records).  Thanks to the soulful, pack-a-day voice of Ron Young and stout production from a pre-Metallica Bob Rock, Little Caesar found minor success on the back of two singles — Chain Of Fools and In Your Arms.  The former is a cover of a song made famous by Aretha Franklin, the latter is a fine bit of balladry (and my favorite song on the album).  Though the Little Caesar album has some other pretty good songs like From The Start and Midtown, it also houses some real pedestrian turds like Down-N-Dirty and Hard Times.  What’s interesting to me about the whole Little Caesar experience is that they were part white trash and part corporate chess piece — kind of like an early template for Kid Rock’s career.  My score: B


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