Samurai – “Weapon Master” (1986)

SamuraiFlawed but still mildly charming, Samurai’s second (and last) album found them still a little wet behind the ears and sticky with that NWOBHM primordial ooze.  With riffs that call to mind hardened, almost-was metal warriors like Grim Reaper, Armored Saint, and Malice, Samurai were purveyors of a mainstream sort of metal that rarely found success in the actual mainstream.  Lead singer Len Williams wasn’t the greatest but he was still enthusiastic in his chasing of the dream.  The recording is tattered and frayed like most of the albums released by Ebony Records — a latter-day NWOBHM outpost that, if nothing else, always had great album covers.  Choice cut: Fighter.  My score: C+


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