Wild Dogs – “Reign Of Terror” (1987)

Wild DogsThe leather-clad mongrels of Wild Dogs released their third album in 1987, and first with new singer Michael Furlong.  Wild Dogs’ first two albums came out on Shrapnel Records, but they leveled-up a rung to Enigma Records (home to Poison and Stryper) for Reign Of Terror.

Reign Of Terror is a heavy album featuring jack-hammer riffing and machine gun drumming.  Furlong is the band’s weakest link as he sounds a bit wheezy on the microphone.  This might explain why he was buried in the mix.  A more charismatic singer may have helped bring these songs to life.  The best tracks are the first three — Metal Fuel (In The Blood), Man Against Machine, and my personal favorite Call Of The Dark.  Overall the Reign Of Terror album is a bit mallet-headed and singular in its over-the-top metal approach.  It’s also unintentionally Spinal Tap-y at times (there’s a song called Siberian Vacation), but Wild Dogs still got their point across with fist held high.

Side note: Wild Dogs’ drummer was none other than Deen Castronovo — one of rock’s all-time journeyman drummers.  During the eighties he was the go-to guy for a bunch of Shrapnel Records projects like Dr. Mastermind, Cacophony, and Marty Friedman.  And a true journeyman’s journey wouldn’t be complete without a stint in the actual band Journey!  Yes, Deen was with Journey for about fifteen years in the 2000’s until trouble with the law got him fired.  My score: B-


One thought on “Wild Dogs – “Reign Of Terror” (1987)

  1. A nearly masterpiece of metal music, largely overlooked and maybe a tad underrated…including now by yourself!
    This is one ‘mother’ of a heavy album – the riffs are immense and Furlong screams manically throughout. An easy ‘A’….
    Fave track ‘Streets of Berlin’ – screaming vocals, stomping riff, this track has everything!

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