D’Molls – “D’Molls” (1988)

D'MollsD’Molls were an androgynous and emaciated quartet of glam-boys that came to Hollywood from Illinois to score a record deal.  Atlantic signed the band and their debut D’Molls came out in 1988 (and subsequently flopped pretty hard).  The formula was a simple style of bubble-gum glam rock that sounded thinner than a hobo’s wallet.  D’Molls sassy but minimalist approach made fellow glamsters Poison sound like Led Zeppelin in comparison — but it still kind of worked for them.  D’Molls ace in the hole was their charismatic singer Desi Rexx, who had a good voice and a cheeky ‘tude.  The band’s lead video single was the skeletal 777.  Unfortunately, this track comes off like a bad re-do of Billy Squier’s The Stroke.  I think 777 was a poor choice for a lead single.  The best song on D’Molls is most definitely Hi ‘N’ Lo.  D’Molls may not have made much of an impact, but it’s hard to hate on their good time party rock.  My score: B-


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