D’Molls – “Warped” (1990)

D'Molls - WarpedNo-hit wonders D’Molls returned in 1990 with their second album Warped (Atlantic Records).  They toned down their “sexually fluid” looks for this second kick at the can.  Fellow glam bands Poison and Cinderella did the same thing in 1990.  (Times, they were-a-changin’.)  D’Molls did, however, maintain their signature glam sound — though Warped didn’t come out nearly as thread-bare as their ’88 debut D’Molls.  The beefed-up sonics were achieved by simply ratcheting up the guitar and bass in the mix this time ’round.  Despite the cheesy name and the cheesy looks, D’Molls’ music found a way to side-step cheesiness (much like Enuff Z’nuff).  I dunno folks, there’s something about these guys I kind of like.  Maybe it’s their total commitment to the craft of glitter rock.  Singer Desi Rexx is a trip — rolling his r’s all they way up and down the Sunset Strip as he struts his way into your heart.  Album closer Father Time lays it on pretty thick as far as power ballads go, but I’ll be damned if I’m not a sucker for the schmaltz.  Other faves include Down T’ Nothin’ and The Answer.  My score: B


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