Anacrusis – “Reason” (1990)

AnacrusisReason was album number two for Anacrusis.  This is a difficult album to listen to.  There’s lots of change-ups and odd time signatures to go along with the barks, hollers and sickening shrieks of vocalist Kenn Nardi.  Sure, he’ll occasionally sing with a softer, smoother voice (re: Stop Me and Not Forgotten) but don’t be fooled — it’s a trap!  Nardi is just waiting for you to let your guard down before he unleashes his next ear-destroying screech!

Reason is more progressive and less accessible than Anacrusis’ debut Suffering Hour (1988).  The band was pushing the envelope of thrash, as well as pushing the listener’s tolerance for pain.  Coming in at 52 minutes (or over 60 minutes with CD bonus tracks), Reason is a long and sickening trip through a desolate wasteland of ill-will.  To me, Reason is like a raw nerve left exposed and twitching.  The songs are technically challenging yet performed sloppily.  It is clear that Anacrusis’ intent was to make the listener uncomfortable and uneasy with this jagged horse pill of a record.  They succeeded in doing so.  Whether or not that is your idea of something worth listening to is up to you.  I’ve spent a fair amount of time with Reason, and though it has grown on me a bit, I have ultimately decided it’s not for me.  My score: C


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