Num Skull – “Ritually Abused” (1988)

Num SkullWith the album Ritually Abused, Num Skull ritually abuse your ear drums with horrid, death-style vocals.  This album is pretty useless to me because the vocals suck — but I’ll write a few more sentences to fill up space.

Num Skull’s song writing style was pretty typical of the average to lower-tier thrash bands of the day.  The songs really have no direction.  They’ll play on one riff for a while and then switch to another and change the tempo.  But to Num Skull’s credit, their songs didn’t feel like a total cut and paste job of different ideas.  They at least attempted to make fluid transitions most of the time.  On occasion, they’ll come out of a crazy mosh break with a slower groove, and those transitions are pretty seamless (reminds me of Slayer).

There’s a bonus track on most versions of Ritually Abused called Murder By The Minister which is actually relatively decent.  I thought it was a cover when I first heard it because it is much different from the rest of the album.  Murder By The Minister is more straightforward and modestly catchy.  Unfortunately, this lone bonus track tacked on to the end of a forgettable album is little consolation to this beleaguered listener.  After all, what’s a fart when you’ve already shit your pants?  My score:


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