Triumph – “Never Surrender” (1983)

triumphI don’t listen to the radio a whole lot, but when I do it is almost exclusively classic rock stations.  This has been true for about twenty years now.  Somewhere around ’96 or so, I kind of gave up on current rock music and decided to live in the past.  In the last twenty years, four or five classic rock stations have come and gone in my area (southern New England) and I can safely say I have NEVER heard a Triumph song played on the radio — not even once.  Strange, isn’t it?  You would think that Triumph would be perfect for classic rock radio.  They were around in the seventies and eighties and had many radio-friendly songs.  Furthermore, Triumph were quite popular in their day.  To date, Triumph have one record certified as platinum, and four others certified as gold in the United States.  But you would never know that if you listened to the radio.  It is almost as if Triumph are a band lost to the sands of time.

Never Surrender was the ’83 follow-up to (arguably) Triumph’s best record, the excellent Allied Forces (1981).  While not as good as that album, Never Surrender still finds Triumph near the top of their game.  Highlights include the politically-themed Too Much Thinking and the rousing title track.  Elsewhere, Triumph incorporate slide guitar in the greasy stomp of When The Lights Go Down.  However, Never Surrender closes rather meekly with a blues guitar solo called Epilogue (Resolution).  It’s a case of over-indulgence — something that would also interfere with Triumph’s next record, Thunder Seven.  My score: B+


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