Vixen – “Vixen” (1988)

vixenVixen were a four-piece, all female band that were marketed as part of the L.A. glam metal contingent.  But in all honestly, Vixen’s eponymous debut was nothing more than a watered-down pop album dressed in glam gear.  Hair for miles on these ladies!  A scan of the liner notes of Vixen (EMI Records) reveals that Vixen had A LOT of help with this album.  In fact, the whole thing is pretty much a corporate sham.  There were four producers and fifteen outside writers credited on Vixen.  FIFTEEN!  And even though keyboards make up a major part of the Vixen sound, nobody is credited with keyboards in the liner notes.

Vixen was a success.  The album went gold thanks to its primary hit Edge Of A Broken Heart (written by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill) and secondary hit Cryin’ (written by Gregg Tripp and Jeff Paris).  To me, Edge Of A Broken Heart is a really great pop song and is the major highlight on what is otherwise a fairly average collection of tunes.

Even though the ladies of Vixen wound up being little more than a glorified cover band (and the pretty face fronting a manufactured record company puppet show) they still had to execute the songs.  They toured in support of the album as an opening act for Scorpions, Ozzy, and others.  Form what I have heard and seen, Vixen held their own on stage.  I’m sure that the band members would have wanted more creative control on Vixen, but I guess you can’t argue with the album’s success.  My score: B-


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