Queen – “The Game” (1980)

queenThe Game is one of my favorite Queen albums.  This album is like a pot-luck dinner — each member of Queen brings something different to the table.  Freddie brings the bean dip, Brian brings the chicken wings, Roger brings the Swedish meatballs, and John brings the rice pudding.  The Game is all over the place — but it’s still highly entertaining.  It’s a smorgasbord of ideas from four distinct writers — each coming from a different head space.  Each song on The Game is credited to a single Queen member.

The Game spawned two number one hits in the United States — Freddie Mercury’s rockabilly tune Crazy Little Thing Called Love and John Deacon’s disco-funkster Another One Bites The Dust.  These two monster hits help catapult The Game to multi-platinum sales (currently certified at quadruple platinum in the United States).  Other well-known Queen “classics” found on The Game include Play The Game (by Mercury), Need Your Loving Tonight (by Deacon), and Save Me (by Brain May).  Truth be told, every single song on The Game is a good one.  The only cut I sort of question is the silly Don’t Try Suicide — but even that one has grown on me!  Chalk it up to the “Freddie Mercury effect”.  The man had the Midas touch.

It should be noted that The Game was the first Queen album in which synthesizers were used.  However, the synthesizers were used sparingly and subtlety.  Future Queen albums would over-use synths to a toxic degree.

Though Queen could be wildly inconsistent at times, on The Game they were firing on all cylinders.  They were taking chances (as they often did) — but succeeding at every turn.  My score: A+


4 thoughts on “Queen – “The Game” (1980)

  1. This is easily in my al time Top 20! My first Queen album purchased at the time of it’s release. Perfect album with a perfect score! A+ indeed!

  2. Queen on ‘Play it Loud’ – hate them, have always hated them. So we all have our guilty pleasures – mine is David Nail – but Queen has no place on this fine blog!

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