Toxik – “World Circus” (1987)

toxikWorld Circus was the first album by New York’s Toxik.  Featuring the impossibly high-pitched vocals of Mike Sanders and the blazing guitar pyrotechnics of guitarist Josh Christian, World Circus is an over-the-top metal extravaganza traveling at dangerously high speeds.  The album starts off with Heart Attack — a song shot like a rocket all the way from Uranus directly to your anus.  It’s quintessential Toxik — mixing speed, thrash, power, and shred metal into a high test cocktail that’ll torch your tits.  More of the same hyperactivity follows suit, though the non-stop intensity leaves me a little worn and weary by album’s end.  Sanders’ dog whistle vocals are a bit ridiculous (it’s often hard to understand the lyrics) but he’s still miles better than that clown-faced hack King Diamond!  Christian’s quick-picked guitar heroics are something to behold, but again, it all becomes a blur by the time the initial sting of Heart Attack wears off.  Seems to me Toxik flew too close to the sun on this one!  Their sophomore effort, 1989’s Think This, is a little more down to earth (and with a different singer, too).  My score: B-


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