Sacred Rite – “Is Nothing Sacred” (1986)

sacred-riteHawaii’s Sacred Rite released their third album on Medusa Records in ’86.  Is Nothing Sacred also saw release by the Dutch label Megaton Records.  This would be the last Sacred Rite release of the band’s initial eighties run.

Sacred Rite’s self-titled debut was excellent — a cogent bit of metal sorcery that conjured bits of prog, U.S. power metal, and the NWOBHM.  Sacred Rite stirred them all together in a bubbly cauldron to create a powerful witch’s brew.  Their sophomore effort, 1985’s The Ritual, was not as good — though solid.  Unfortunately, Is Nothing Sacred continues the trend of diminishing returns for Sacred Rite albums.

Is Nothing Sacred has a nice, live sound.  All the instruments are well separated and the bass work of Peter Crane is particularly impressive.  Though Sacred Rite maintained their unique sonic blueprint on this record, this particular Sacred Rite banquet is a pretty dreary set.  The eight-song track list includes a sleepy ballad, an instrumental, and a pair of soggy, moody cuts that close out the album.  Surprisingly, the standout cut is a deft cover of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

Props to Sacred Rite for maintaining their musical identity at a time where many of their ilk were turning to a harsher metal style in accord with the metal trend of the day.  Sacred Rite always came across as a well-oiled foursome sincere in their metal conviction.  They were much darker than one would expect from a band out of Hawaii.  However, Is Nothing Sacred is a little too sluggish for my taste.  My score: C+  


One thought on “Sacred Rite – “Is Nothing Sacred” (1986)

  1. You are being overly harsh on ‘Is Nothing Sacred?’ This is a great sophisticated album. Yes, it is mellower than the raw ’84 debut and ‘The Ritual’ but the songs are still very good. The production is probably a tad too polished and could use a bit more punch. SACRED RITE were one of the most underrated metal bands of the 80’s – all three of their albums are well worth owing (especially the beautifully put together, out-of-print ‘Rites of Passage Vol 1’ and ‘Rites of Passage Vol 2’ re-issues on Sentinel Steel).

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