Smashed Gladys – “Social Intercourse” (1988)

smashed-gladysWith their jet-black hair and sunken cheeks, Smashed Gladys were livin’ hard and livin’ free in a world of decadent sleaze.  Smashed Gladys were fronted by a female singer named Sally Cato.  Ms. Cato had a raspy, tough-as-nails voice and an attitude to match.  She poured everything she had into her performance as Smashed Gladys clawed and scratched for a big break on their second album Social Intercourse (Elektra Records).  Cato’s lyrics were nasty, dirty, and chock full of sexual squalor.  Despite Cato and company’s fighting spirit, the songs rarely rise to the level of the competition (of which there was plenty).  Sub-potent hooks will kill ya every time.  Nevertheless, Smashed Gladys didn’t go down without delivering a memorable sleaze anthem in Sermonette.  Another fave is the low-class piece of smut called Legs Up.  That big break never came for Smashed Gladys and Social Intercourse ended up being their final album.  Oh well… sleazy come, sleazy go.  My score: B-


One thought on “Smashed Gladys – “Social Intercourse” (1988)

  1. One of my most important teen age LPs this one, it’s not the best but it came along at just the right time for me. Hence the ‘yeah!’ below:

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