Night Ranger – “Greatest Hits” (1989)

night-rangerTechnically speaking, Night Ranger really doesn’t belong on this site because I only cover hard rock and heavy metal bands.  But what the heck, I’ll make an exception here.  Even though Night Ranger tried to keep one foot planted in the hard rock world (for a little street cred) they weren’t fooling anybody.  Night Ranger was your prototypical mainstream American rock band.  AOR would be the operative term — and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!  Who doesn’t love some Journey, Survivor, or Night Ranger every now and then?

I won’t review any of the five studio albums Night Ranger released in the eighties (from 1982-1988), but I’ll throw a bone to this 1989 Greatest Hits comp because I think it’s worth a mention.  Since Greatest Hits is composed of mostly radio singles, it’s not surprising that the album leans heavily on Night Ranger’s softer side.  Sing Me Away, When You Close Your Eyes, and Sentimental Street are the best of the softer tunes.  As for the more rockin’ Night Ranger, my choice cut is Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.  But I still haven’t mentioned the biggest and best song of them all!  Of course, I’m talking about the ever-enduring Sister Christian — one of those perfect eighties tunes that deserves its righteous place in the pantheon of rock classics.  Sister Christian starts off as a plaintive piano ballad before swelling up to an unforgettable chorus refrain.  The eighties at its eighties-est!  If I’m in the car with the stereo blasting and I get to the part that goes You’re motoring!  What’s your price for flight?, you better believe I’ll be banging my palm against the steering wheel and singing along!  If you don’t do the same, you better check your pulse bro — you might not be alive.  My score: B+


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