“PLAY IT LOUD!” contains reviews for heavy metal and hard rock albums from the years 1980-1990.  All of the album reviews are cataloged in alphabetical order on the Album Reviews page.

Eric “Malt Thrower” Marshall is the artist who designed our kick-ass header/logo.  Check out more of Eric’s stuff over at Malt Thrower Art!

E-mail us with your comments or suggestions at playitloud@rocketmail.com.

Yours in metal,



9 thoughts on “About

  1. What an excellent blog. I’ve been looking for a review site like this one. Excellent writing and a comprehensive list of albums. Well done.

  2. Jeff – I just want to say I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Have been waiting for a new post…I guess you’ve been busy sorting through all those new Rock Candy releases…Some real clunkers in there though! Keep it going…You’re a great writer…much better than that Popoff guy fo sho! As Lars so succintly puts it maybe you should expand…maybe another blog…Anywho can’t wait for another entry! Rock on brother!

    • Thank you very much! I’m taking a little break because I’m working on another (unrelated) project. I’m still listening and taking notes for future reviews. I’ll be back to writing again in a few months for sure. Appreciate the kind words. Stay metal my friend!

  3. Where you at dude? I have been reading your blog for a long time now, love (though perhaps do not always agree with) your album reviews. I think you muusssttt be around my same age :). Hope to see some new posts soon!

    • Hi Anne, I”m taking a little break from writing — though I haven’t stopped listening to old school metal and hard rock. I will return at some point with some new material. Thanks for checking in and thanks for the kind words! — Jeff

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